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"5S" finishing in plastic mold factory

"5S" is the basic method of site management and "collation, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and accomplishment".


Tidy up: Distinguish between the don 'ts and the don 'ts. Don't put anything away except the things you need.

Rectification: things to be positioned and marked in accordance with regulations shall be placed in order, with clear quantity and clear labeling.

Cleaning: Clean up the dirt in the workplace and prevent it from happening.

Clean: Institutionalize, standardize, and maintain the results of the 3S implementation above.

Accomplishment: Cultivate civilized and polite habits, act according to regulations, and develop good working habits.


Then how to implement 5S in plastic mold factory?

There will be a lot of dust, oil, iron filings and garbage in the production process of plastic mold production site, which makes the site become very dirty and messy.The dirty and messy field will reduce the precision of equipment, cause frequent faults and affect the quality of products.And dirty scene will also affect people's work mood, so that people's mood becomes very impetuous.Therefore, the 5S finishing of plastic mold factory is very necessary.Organize and clean mold site to create a bright and comfortable working environment.


The main contents of sorting and cleaning are as follows:

1) Clearly demarcate the work area or the area where items are placed.

2) All items should be placed in the appropriate area and returned after use.

3) All channels shall be kept clean, smooth and marked accordingly.

4) Wipe the equipment and instruments clean and position them neatly.

5) The working surface should be kept clean and tidy without piling up sundries.

6) Operation instruction is required for the site operation station.Staff should follow the operation instruction.


A comfortable working environment can also improve employees' work enthusiasm.Even the traditional manufacturing industry, Ming Yang Yutong is also committed to creating a "new" plastic mold manufacturing plant.