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Develop procedures for new plastic molds

The following is a list of standard sequence of steps that may have to be performed when designing and making new plastic molds.It can also be used as a checklist to ensure that some key steps are not overlooked when planning your work.

Plan: Think about the people who will use your product and the environment in which it will be used.Research suitable materials and forming methods.


Study possible materials and molding methods: Look at existing products used to support this activity.Obtain ergonomic information related to the effective execution of activities, such as scope, thrust, or frequency of use.



Determine product specifications: Determine available materials and processes as much as possible at this stage.Estimate the plastic mold manufacturing cost and confirm that the cost is within your budget.



Design: 1. Drawing the possible shape of the product, sketching details, joints, etc., as well as methods for fixing the section, and possible assembly methods.2. Determine the most appropriate design.3. Prepare the overall layout.4. Make model 5. Test and modify the model.6. Make detailed drawings of plastic molds and molds.


Manufacturing processing: 1, the production of plastic mold.2. Forming, dressing to form and assemble components.3. Assemble complete products.


Test and evaluate: Test the product in a recommended work environment.


Redesign: Suggest areas that need to be changed, make drawings to show improvements, and repeat all necessary steps from the design stage.