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Industrial aluminum profile mould can be specifically applied in what aspects |

Industrial aluminum profile mould can be specifically applied in what aspects |
Dec 28 , 2020

Scope of industrial aluminum mold application is very wide, today for everyone to introduce the specific application of industrial aluminum mold scene.

1. Building aluminum profiles mainly include door, window and curtain wall aluminum profiles;

2. Radiator aluminum profiles are mainly used for heat dissipation of various power electronic equipment, LED lighting, and computer digital products, etc.

3, industrial aluminum general industrial aluminum refers to: mainly used in industrial production, such as the dao of moving machinery, sealing cover skeleton and custom mould companies according to the mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belt, lifting machine, glue machine, testing equipment, shelves, etc., electronic machinery industry and clean room, etc.

4, auto parts aluminum profiles are mainly used for auto parts, connectors and so on.

5. Furniture aluminum profiles are mainly used for furniture decoration frames, desks and chairs support parts, etc

6. Solar photovoltaic profiles include: solar aluminum frame, solar photovoltaic bracket, solar photovoltaic tile coupler, etc.

7. Aluminum alloy profile of rail vehicle structure: mainly used in the manufacture of rail vehicle body.Aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of light weight, good molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, recyclable, etc. In recent years, aluminum alloy has been more and more widely used in the field of rail vehicles.

8, aluminum profile: made into aluminum frame, mo
unted various exhibitions, decorative paintings.

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