Common applications of plastic parts |
Mar 01 , 2021

Because thegood properties ofplastic products that other materials do not have, their applications are becoming more and more widespread. The plastic products have various excellent properties and have been widely used in various industries such as agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, automobiles, avionics and freight logistics packaging. This news article will introduce the application development and trend of various plastics.

Industrial field
In the electrical equipment and electronics industries, plastics are widely used as insulating materials and packaging materials. In mechanical engineering, plastic is used to replace metal materials to manufacture gearbox gears, piston pins and many parts, while plastic is used to manufacture containers and other corrosion-resistant materials in various chemical engineering.

Construction engineering field
In construction projects, plastic parts are used as auxiliary parts of other building decoration materials, such as injection molded plastic steel doors and windows, stair guardrails, floor tiles, suspended ceilings, insulation materials, drainage pipes, decorative panels and bathroom accessories. Plastic building materials can not only replace steel and soil, but also have many characteristics that are superior to stainless steel plates, aluminum profiles, wood and traditional raw materials. They can save resources, maintain ecological environment protection, improve the natural living environment and standards, and have the functions of buildings. It has good corrosion resistance, light weight and convenient construction.

Defense technology field
Whether it is strategic weapons, fighter jets, ships and warships, rockets, cruise missiles, satellites or other industries, plastics used in injection molding products are essential raw materials.

Agriculture and animal husbandry
With the provisions of the development trend of modern agriculture, the use of plastic parts is also very extensive, and the types of plastics in specific applications are also very complete. Commonly used raw materials for agriculture and animal husbandry are plastic films, pipes, sheets, ropes, textile bags, etc.,most of which are made from polyethylene or PVC, high-pressure polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene or PP through injection molding, extrusion molding and other forming processes.

Automotive industry
Plastic parts used in automobiles have become more and more common.Due to the uniqueness of raw materials used in automobiles, plastic parts used in automobiles have high requirements for raw materials. There are special requirements for process performance, destructiveness, compressive strength and other aspects.

Household appliances field
The household appliance industry is a key industry for durable goods. China's household appliances will also join the global electrical products field, and will further develop in the direction of intelligence, intelligent systems, zero pollution, environmental protection and energy conservation.

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