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The most important factors of die material are thermal strength and thermal stability. Less than 300 degrees Zinc alloy Cr12,Cr12Mov,S136,SLD,NAK80,GCr15,T8,T10


1) : male mold shell NAK80 life

2) : 500000 times of custom private mould: according to the customer product number life demand, quality demand.

Routine: 718H/NAK80 /S136 --50W times (the service life is different, the hardness of steel material is also different, according to the mold structure, the mold factory)

SZOMK common steel material:

718 h (generally) 300 k to 400 k

NAK80 (medium) 400 k to 500 k

S136 (high quality) 500 k

S136H (best) 500 k to 600 k