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  • medical equipment molding

    medical equipment molding need profession experience and High standard of hygienic environment.Using our medical injection molding processes, Stack Plastics produces delivery devices for stents, implants, sutures, and more. We also offer assembly and injection services for subcomponents of larger, more complicated medical devices. In addition to medical injection molding, we manufacture plastic moldings that house other, non-plastic components or mechanisms. 

  • Extruded aluminium molding

    The so-called extrusion, is placed in a container (extrusion cylinder) billet one end of the pressure, make it through the mold hole forming a pressure processing method.

  • Plastic parts molding

    We can process customized plastic accessories according customers needs.

  • Plastic injection molding

    Injection mould is a tool to give plastic products complete structure and precise size.Injection molding is a process used in the mass production of some complex parts.To be specific, the hot melted plastic is injected into the mold cavity by the injection molding machine at high pressure, and after cooling and curing, the forming product is obtained.

  • industrial enclosure molding

    industrial enclosure molding Standard enclosure, wall mount enclosure, access control enclousre, handheld enclosure, din rail encosure, net-work enclosure, desk top enclosure, led enclosre, waterproof enclosure and other enclosure molding design and making

  • iot enclosure molding

    smart home system enclosure molding,private molding design and molding

About Us

Company Mission

Our vision is to become an international renowned enclsoure expert company ,and contribute to the world's quality product.Our values are: customer first, striver oriented, with integrity, progress and win-win.

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Development history

SZOMK established in 2009,It's more than 10 years history and experience. Our mold factory in Shenzhen. And we have two factories in Zhejiang, one is plastic enclosure factory, another is aluminum enclosure factory. In 2016 we builded a new plastic enclosure factory in Dongguan for new design enclosure. In 2019, we have Russia distributor, now we have agent in Serbia, Britain, Iran and will delelop to more countries.

One-stop service

SZOMK is specialized in the development and manufacture of plastic and aluminum extruted profile enclosure. At present, we have thousands of kinds of public mold, it includes plastic mould, aluminum extruted profile mould, double color mould, die cast aluminum mould. We have machine to inject enclosure and do customization service like cutout, silkscreen, sticker, memberane keyboard etc.

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How To Create a Mold
  • China Two-color injection and secondary injection manufacturer
    Two-color injection and secondary injection
    1. The former is injection molded on a two-color machine, which can be molded once and have two color effects and different material composition; And the latter is completed with ordinary injection molding machine, now take out a molding product, and then put into another injection molding machine to form again;. 2. The former has two sets of molds, the latter are identical and interchangeable; The latter has no requirements. (SZOMK -- AK-H-07 and other adhesive wrapping products are the secondary injection molding process)
  • China Mold Material manufacturer
    Mold Material
    The most important factors of die material are thermal strength and thermal stability.Less than 300 degrees Zinc alloy Cr12,Cr12Mov,S136,SLD,NAK80,GCr15,T8,T10 1) : male mold shell NAK80 life 2) : 500000 times of custom private mould: according to the customer product number life demand, quality demand. Routine: 718H/NAK80 /S136 --50W times (the service life is different, the hardness of steel material is also different, according to the mold structure, the mold factory) SZOMK common steel material: 718 h (generally) 300 k to 400 k NAK80 (medium) 400 k to 500 k S136 (high quality) 500 k S136H (best) 500 k to 600 k
1.Free 3D sample 2.100% satisfaction from strong technical and production power support 3.Various customization service for your product like silkscreen/stickers/membrane keypad/acrylic etc. 4.International certification including ROHS/REACH/SGS etc.