Preparation work before mold trial |
Feb 19 , 2021

The quality of the mold is directly related to the quality, production efficiency and cost of the product. I don't think everyone will disagree. The quality of the mold needs to find and solve the problem through the trial mold, so the trial mold process is very important for the mold enterprise.

1. Mold dry run test-verify the mold's action

1). Inspection of mold opening and closing under low pressure:

a. The mold is opened and closed for 3 times in fast, medium, and slow. During the opening and closing process, there is no abnormal noise, whether there is any blocking phenomenon; the opening and closing movement of the mold is smooth, and there is no interference.

2). Inspection of mold ejection system (under low pressure)

a. The item is ejected 3 times in fast, medium and slow. Check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon.
b. After the ejector on the plane is ejected, whether it will lose or jam. c. Whether to add a positioning pin for the inclined thimble or the cylinder mounted Xuan to prevent loosening or rotation.
d. Ejection system (whether there is abnormal noise and tremor when the ejector pin or ejector block is ejected.

3). Inspection of mold reset

a. The mold is reset 3 times at fast, medium and slow speeds, and see if it can be reset. After reset, the end of the inclined thimble is not higher than 0.1mm or flush with the mold core.
b. Whether the thimble is in line when ejected If the action interferes, whether the slider returns to the position.
c. The mold is equipped with a thimble reset device.

2. The test of the balance of the cavity injection

1). Continuously raise funds to make 5 molds and weigh their weight;
2). Record the weight of each product in each mold;
3). Reduce the injection volume and fill up 3 molds with 20%, 50%, and 90% samples in sequence
4). Weigh and record the weight of each product mentioned above;
5). If the difference between the most present weight and the smallest and smallest weight of the product is less than 2%, it is acceptable. If it is a single cavity mold, the glue balance test should also be done.

3. The method of determining the best cooling time

1). When the injection molding process conditions are suitable after the product is full, estimate the cooling time, initially select a longer cooling time, so that the product is completely cooled, shoot 3 molds, and measure its size; the injection molded out of each cooling time The size of the product should be measured for 15 minutes after the plastic part is fully cooled
2). The basis for determining the best cooling time should be taken into account the dimensional stability of the product.

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