Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?


SZOMK has over 10 years of experience in quality injection molding. We believe our standards are what set us apart. Our mission is providing the best injection molding services possible for any customer need. We take the time to carefully listen to every client, making sure we understand the unique needs and goals of every partnership before we start. This priority placed on high-quality results coupled with the ease of working with us causes our clients to become customers for life.



It is our objective to create long-lasting relationships with our clients by manufacturing quality injection molding products that meet customer requirements, are competitively priced, and are delivered on time. We achieve these objectives through the establishment, maintenance, and continual improvement of our ISO 9001:2015 certified. We employ a staff of over 80 employees, and our facility operates 24/7/365 to ensure you receive your injection molding orders on time. 


We owe a lot to our outstanding facility for keeping us a leader in the injection molding industry. With our close location to the ports of Shenzhen and Hongkong, SZOMK can ship products from the factory to all over the world at the fastest speed.

Thanks to strong and comprehensive industrial chain of China, we can obtain all raw materials and parts at relatively low money and time costs.

You don’t have to consider purchasing raw materials or processing from all over the world. We believe that our service is world-leading, but the price is the cheapest. 

All the work is handed over to us, you only need to describe the function of the product to us, and then we will hand over with you according to the process, we will complete all other tedious steps.

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