Why we choose aluminum profile and aluminum enclosure for product development?
Feb 05 , 2021

Why we choose aluminum profile and aluminum enclosure for product development?

The aluminum profile enclosure is an enclosure made of aluminum profile. It is widely used in the fields of instrumentation equipment, electronic devices, communications, automation technology, sensors, industrial automation and precision machinery. It is the enclosure accessory of current electronic equipment. Maybe many people want to ask this question, "Why we choose an aluminum enclosure for electronic devices?"

Nowadays, the enclosure materials of many electronic products are mainly aluminum alloy enclosures, and aluminum alloy enclosures have become one of the mainstream products in the electronics industry. This is mainly due to the special advantages of aluminum alloy enclosures. The aluminum enclosure is a kind of alloy raw material. In fact, the extraction technology of aluminum has made great development. we can see the emergence of various aluminum alloy products has gradually replaced steel products in traditional industries.

We have done scientific research on the future development of electronic machinery for aluminum profile shells through testing. The advantages of aluminum enclosure over other metal materials has been found as following :

1.Compared with other alloy materials, the aluminum alloy has low density and light weight.
2.The aluminum enclosure has no alloy pollution and toxicity, and the surface oxide layer is a non-volatile alloy material.
3.Aluminum profile and enclosure has good forging performance.
4.The aluminum enclosure adopts heat treatment and cold treatment process, which has strong corrosion resistance.
5.The aluminum alloy enclosure has strong plasticity, high productivity, and has good advantages in manufacturing design.
6.The surface treatment characteristics of the aluminum enclosure are better.
7.Aluminum is a recyclable metal material that is chemically stable, non-magnetic, and can be recycled many times.
8.The aluminum enclosure has a small elastic coefficient and will not produce sparks due to impact friction. It has good performance in the automotive processing technology.
9.The aluminum alloy enclosure has good extension performance and can be designed with light alloys and high-quality materials with various metal elements.

The aluminum enclosure is not only sturdy and durable, the carefully cast aluminum alloy enclosure can actually serve other purposes, make our lives more convenient, and become an indispensable part of our lives.

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